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October 11, 2013 | Comments Off

Are you tired of treating symptoms and never finding the source of the problem?
Are you looking for answers? The Treatment of Pain™ has solved simple and extreme problems when no one else could!

Your Treatment of Pain™ Therapist has been trained to LOOK for those answers!
One of the highest values in your Onsen Muscle Therapists™ training is the detailed assessment skills. The have a full body protocol to find the source of your pain.

Onsen® is a very gentle method; it is very easy for both therapist and client.
While you are in the comfort of your elastic waist workout clothes, your Onsen® Therapist will:
• assess your boney landmarks which will give them a three dimensional look at the bones which may be out of alignment.
• discover the muscles or ligaments that are pulling your bones out of the proper play or balance in the joint.
• compare the assessments in different positions (standing, sitting, and lying) which will give more clues about the true source of the problem.
• Utilize gentle specialized forms of muscle energy techniques with isometric exercises (hold relax stretching on a massage table).
• give specific strategically positioned stretches and exercises that will retrain the muscle memory to hold your structure where it should be, based on the detailed assessments recorded.
• re-educate your joints and release the pressure on your nerves. If the electricity can reach your large muscle’s they will soften, release the pain and work normal.
• Use transverse friction massage: a two minute gently crossing of the fibres (with a little more vigorous TFM to follow) of the tissues, tendons or ligaments that are under tension or strain that are the cause of your pain.
• give a few specific stretches and exercises for you that will also be utilized for prevention of pain before you go on a long ride, airplane or activity.

After this, your structure will hold its muscle memory in the right places, your muscles will strengthen doing the jobs they were originally assigned to do by the brain, so your body can relax and return to its full function and comfort!

One important thing to remember about this cooperative therapy:
• Just like your brain practices a new math problem a few times, your muscles also need a chance to practice, to remember what to do.
• Treatment time depends on the therapist and the integration of Onsen Muscle Therapy™ into their practice.
• some therapists start you off with just assessments done in 30 minutes and your next appointment will be longer.
• some will assess and correct you within one hour
• others will take a longer history of your injuries, falls and medical detail, followed with assessment and correction of the lower body before treating the upper body conditions all within one to two hours.
• Muscle memory may be affected by a dysfunction of or injury to the visceral or small/large intestines. This is often apparent when treatments don’t seem to last or have to be repeated every week.
• normal bowel function may be two to three bowel movements a day without constipation or loose runny bowels.
• often the answer to this is to take supplements to your diet that “feed the bowel” or “feed the organ that has been shut down.”
• Visceral therapy often helps those injured organs recover to help muscle memory. Your therapist may have these skills to treat you in this area, but if not, you should consider asking them if you should consider adding this treatment to your program.

Your therapists may use Onsen Muscle Therapy™ to find the source of pain, and then use many of their other therapy tools to help solve your problems.

So stay committed to the key stretches or exercises that your therapist customizes just for you and that will put you in the driver’s seat of your own mobility for the rest of your life.

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